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Shenzhen Fuliyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded on July 20, 1996. It is a medium and high-grade furniture enterprise integrating design, development, sales and service of upholstered furniture. Its brands include "lias" and "Bi Carlo".
Under the guidance of the idea of "quality first, user foremost" put forward by Chairman Zheng Qiuming, Fuliyuan furniture started from scratch. In just 18 years, the enterprise scale has grown from a small workshop of more than 100 square meters to a group company with two furniture production bases (Shenzhen, Henan Xinyang) and a total construction area of 280000 square meters in China. The products include soft leather sofa, fabric sofa, functional sofa, dining chair, leather bed, etc. the company achieves high-speed, sustainable and stable growth at an average annual rate of more than 50%.
With the strategy of "first difficult, then easy", we insist on the export of the brand of Dalias and realize the international market expansion. Now there are more than 30 overseas distribution outlets, including ASI in the United States, begros in Germany, @ home in India and other international furniture retail giants. The products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the world's top ten economic regions, such as Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In 2009, the foreign exchange earning of Fuliyuan's products exceeded 100 million yuan. Fuliyuan furniture also plans to set up factories in the United States, Cambodia and other countries, and is moving towards the goal of an international group.
Fuliyuan's goal is to enter the world's top 500, create China's world furniture brand, and win honor for the nation.


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