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First, the three stages of Fuliyuan furniture management development
From disorder to order (1996-1997)
Extensive management mode, from the development of conscious production to the establishment of the manager responsibility system
From order to system (1997-2005)
The three-dimensional management mode is developed from the manager's responsibility system to clear and improve the business, layout, process and management system of each department, and implement the departmental responsibility system under the leadership of the factory manager.
From system to height (2005-)
The company's management has further risen to the strategic structure, and the company has been established through asset restructuring to implement the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors.
Second, the management philosophy of Fu Liyuan Furniture
Standard, pragmatic, multi-effect, people-oriented
Standardization: refers to the reconciliation of things and concepts in economic, economic, technical, scientific and management, through the formulation, release and implementation of standards to achieve the best production and operation scale and economic benefits.
More effective and more: the company promotes efficient work and life, and promotes higher efficiency through efficient work and life.
People-oriented: It is the core of the party's scientific development concept, and it is also the talent concept that our company has always adhered to, advocating the creation of conditions for enterprises and helping employees realize their dreams. Achieve high income, and let the excellent employees have the ownership of the house and the car.
Third, Fu Liyuan furniture management mode
1, OEC management law
"OEC" Management Law - Abbreviation for Full Control and Clearance in English.
"OEC" content -
O - overall
E - Every day, every day, every day
C——Control Control Clearance Cleanup
The “OEC” management law can also be expressed as:
The day of the day is high on the day of the day
That is: every day work is done every day, every day work needs to be cleaned up and it needs to be improved every day.
The “OEC” management method consists of three systems:
Target System → Nissin System → Incentive Mechanism
First establish the goal;
Nissin is the basic work to accomplish the goal;
The results of Nissin must be linked to positive and negative incentives.

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