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First, joining conditions
1. Have certain financial strength and good financial credit and goodwill.
2. Has the willingness to cooperate for a long time and has rich sales and management experience.
3. The location and area of ​​the business site shall be determined in accordance with the regulations of the headquarters.
4. Have brand awareness, understand and accept Lias ' business philosophy and corporate culture. Self-motivated and strong learning ability with brand growth continues to grow bigger and stronger.
5. Have the ability to independently assume investment risks and civil liabilities.
6, the franchisee can accept the company's field trip.
7. Pay the joining deposit.
Second, join support
1. The policy supports the
opening of new stores, and the product special supply support; the company will send special personnel to assist the store personnel training; the opening activities of the blasting promotion support.
2, decoration support
According to the terminal area, the corresponding decoration subsidy is given; the national uniform and standardized store image system; the professional designer provides the terminal shop decoration design, providing the material design for promotion and opening.
3, promotional support
The professional promotion team provides support to the site; from the event planning and material production execution, the company will select a professional promotion team to ensure the success of the event.
4, training support
Before the opening of the business, provide product knowledge and pre-sales training for the staff in the store; conduct skills training throughout the year, comprehensively cover shopping guide, design, installation, management, and ensure that dealers operate without worries.
5, promotion support
to give dealers a high amount of advertising subsidies; professional team to provide a unified national promotion program and design; tailored terminal image advertising.

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